Dual Totem Flame HELP

Would you please evaluate my build to the farm with Dual Flame Totem - if something you would want to improve or change, please create a new build. The second issue is that I have three questions about the Dual Flame Totem, I apologize in advance for my questions because for some may be stupid but please answer to it - Thanks in advance for all
About the questions
1 Is the farme flam totem is better to take more cast speed or rather more fire damage.
2 What can increase the range of fire of the totem fired and if so with what?
3 Does my buil is too much added Hp%?

My Build :
to answer atleast some of ur questions :
1) since its already pretty fast attacking i would say Fire dmg
2) Projectile speed will increase the range --> gem or a wand for example
3) yes u can bring it down a bit more will save u points !

as far as i now Flametotem is NOT a AE spell so increasing ur area wont help u mutch ! maybe ur other spells.
Flametotem can crit but the Top dmg is low so i personaly think its not worth getting Burn dmg if iam wrong here plz someone else correct me !

My build suggestion:

i went for the powercharges because i would spam icespear with powercharge on crit to get powercharges for more spelldmg and crit since u have not realy smth to do while totems are standing

if u playing Standart/Domination u maybe could go for more spelldmg ... keep in mind u dont have Armor with this Build so use Granites !
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