Need imputs on my cold crit witch build

I would love to get some imputs on this build. Im worried it will be too fragile and im also not sure if its worth doing the whole CI build
Lookin good.
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take doomcast next to CI and fuck second nullification, also not sure if youll be able to CI without all those ES nodes directly under witch starting area

edit- also 110pts build is near to impossible to get, plan around 80pts

edit2 - imo whole that area north to templar area is total waste, you could get to second Body and soul thru Arcane potency. Zealoths Oaths is waste unless you take some life regen from nodes, also ES reduced delay is pretty good idea if going CI
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Thanks for the imputs... im also wondering which weapon i should use... i can't decide between wands and kris'
Any thoughts?
Here is a reviced version
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im new to this game and i have a question. what does cold crit build mean? my cold spells will crit or wand attacks will crit?

thanks in advance for a fast replay
The cold crit build is build around the fact that if at cold spell gets a critical hit, it will freeze the enemy, making them unable to move and attack, so the cold crit build will build so it can get as many crits as possible, ideally freezing the enemies permanently.
Cheers mate!
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