Need imputs on my cold crit witch build

imo you are spending too many points to get all the way to that far right nullification circle.

and you skipped doom cast which is only 1 filler pt away from CI, bad. Also zealots is near worthless, and without it you can forget abouu gearing for any hp regen (you already had none in your passives so again, pointless).

I changed it over to be more similar to the build Im working towards, I believe you get a lot more out of each point than reaching so far for very not useful nodes like zealots and ghost reaver. You are not a meele ES user you do not need stuff like that for your es, just get very high base es, resists, ci, and use freezing and range to your advantage for recharge. This build will have a HUGE energy shield decent es gear and discipline (which is what the 30% aura increase nodes are mostly used for, very large boost to max rank disc es bonus).

Here you have, 30% all resists, lots of crit chance/bonus/spelldmg/icedmg, and very nearly the maximum es you can get while still doing good dmg.


You really shouldnt plan past lvl80 realistically so decide what 10pts you need to drop. The es is probably overkill id drop half of the big 8% es circle to start. But if you get to merciless and feel your damage is fine you can drop crit or cold damage nodes as you see fit, or the regen/elemental damage nodes by templar and keep the es.

A quick tip I wish I had used myself, early on only get the damage stuff/doom cast in your way to es bonuses, and grab the 16% chaos resist (respec out when u get ci). Your damage isnt much of an issue in normal/cruel it will be fine, and the extra es and resists from the shadow/ranger area will give you much more breathing room. Then after that grab center dmg/crit offshoots then start moving into templar area tankiness for merciless. My regular league witch is 35 and ive had to waste respec pts and im still a bit squishy cuz i filled out both middle cold dmg and the middle crit circle before moving to more es/evasion/resists.
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Thanks for the help :)
I altered the build a bit:

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