New Microtransactions: Frost Viking Alternate Helmet and Frost Viking Helmet Attachment

Feb 28, 2021, 9:04:41 PM
The Frost Viking Alternate Helmet introduces another option for customizing your Frost Viking ensemble. If you're into a viking theme, you might like the new Frost Viking Helmet Attachment which makes many outfits look more brutal. Check out both cosmetic effects in this news post or click here to get yours. Read More.

The Warlord Mystery Box Concept Art - Despair

Feb 28, 2021, 4:26:58 PM
Following up on the Suffering and Misery concept art we've published recently, today we'd like to share the concept art of the combined Despair cosmetics from the Warlord Mystery Box. Read More.

Sphinx Wings, Weapon and Shield Sale and Past Mystery Boxes Return

Feb 25, 2021, 10:00:40 PM
If you prefer golden and shiny cosmetic effects for your Exiles, don't miss out on the new Sphinx Wings! Made out of gold, these glorious wings are the perfect final touch to many outfits. Watch this video or get yours here. This weekend we're running a sale on a huge selection of Weapon and Shield Microtransactions with almost 200 cosmetic effects available at a discount! Have a look here. We've also brought back some of the past mystery boxes! Find out more in this news post. Read More.
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Gothic Horror Ghost Child Pet Buy
Gothic Horror Ghost Child Pet discounted to 120 Points (TODAY ONLY)
Ends in 22 hours
Gloom Wings Buy
Gloom Wings discounted to 290 Points (TODAY ONLY)
Ends in 22 hours
Dreadspire Portal Effect Buy
Dreadspire Portal Effect discounted to 110 Points (TODAY ONLY)
Ends in 22 hours