Before reporting a technical problem, please check this list of common problems and our suggested solutions here.

Please post gameplay and quest related questions in the Gameplay Help forum and please post bug reports in the Bug Reports forum.

We can not restore dead hardcore characters or lost items for any reason. This is a general policy and we do not make exceptions. Due to bugs, items may be lost or characters may die due to reasons outside of your control. Please do report these incidents in the Bug Reports forum, but do not contact support asking for restoration. We are working hard to fix the underlying problems so that such losses do not occur in the future.

If you think you've lost your weapons, you've probably swapped to the alternate weapon tabs by pressing X. Please try toggling back with the X key before posting a bug report about it.

For technical difficulties with the game/website, please post in the Technical Support forum.

Contact Support

If you're experiencing payment or microtransaction problems or account issues, please email us at