A couple of weeks ago, we announced that Mystery Bags were available to those who were interested in purchasing the remaining merchandise stock that was sold at ExileCon. We still have a number of these available to purchase as well as a limited number of the exclusive Solaris and Lunaris statues that were created for the event.

We have around 1,000 mystery bags left, if you missed out on attending the event in person, this may be your last chance to purchase merchandise from ExileCon. You can find out more about the bags and how to purchase one of them here.

We still have around 100 of the Solaris and Lunaris statues in stock. These statues were created for ExileCon and depict the eternal fight between Solaris and Lunaris; the goddesses of the sun and moon. If you would like more information on how to purchase one of these limited edition statues, visit our previous post here.

Update: The one bag per person limit has been removed. If you're keen to purchase another Mystery Bag, please get in touch with our Merchandise team at merch@grindinggear.com
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x7yr wrote:
Does it Ship directly from China ? is Tencent selling it ?

Hiya, Grinding Gear Games is selling these items and they are likely being shipped from here in New Zealand. If you'd like any further information about specific shipping information feel free to send an email or private message through to Support. :)

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