Path of Exile: Royale — Everything You Need To Know

Why does GGG keep rehashing the excuse of "console has too low a player base" - Surely the whole point of making the game better and adding different things is to keep increasing that player base? The dissonance is unreal.
'Ware the Chaos Meta. Hard enough to get a first skill gem, but the ones lucky enough to get Blight simply rule the beach. Damages you, slows you down, and does DOT. Nothing else matters. =9[.]9=
=^[.]^= basic (happy/amused) cheetahmoticon: Whiskers/eye/tear-streak/nose/tear-streak/eye/
whiskers =@[.]@= boggled / =>[.]<= annoyed or angry / ='[.]'= concerned / =0[.]o= confuzzled /
=-[.]-= sad or sleepy / =*[.]*= dazzled / =^[.]~= wink / =~[.]^= naughty wink / =9[.]9= rolleyes
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Battle royale is pretty much whoever gets a chaos gem wins
Thanks for adding this! It's super fun and a ton of us was w8ing :)
Good stuff :D
𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣 SCARABS!
Can't believe you have balls to release mode in a half baked state like this.
This is by far the worst Battle Royale implementation I have ever seen. I had incredibly low expectations coming into this, but you guys took it as a challenge and limboed right under them.
Yeah im sorry GGG this is not the way to go...
PoE has so much to fix and to improve and you guys come up with this bullshit.
Had to move to last epoch last league, guess ill not come back thisleague as well.
Its a shame honestly.
Didn't sound like fun then, doesn't sound like fun now. If it's your cup of tea, then bully for you. Have at it while it lasts.

As for this new league... well. I'm not really thrilled at all with what I've been reading. Having to relearn something as basic as flasks, while figuring out all the new mechanics being introduced in a league, sounds to me like a real buzzkill.

We'll see.
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