Private Leagues for Path of Exile: Expedition are now available!

MLGonthorian wrote:
Can you please give us the ability to play the older/archived versions of the client on a private server that we can pay you for? I already reached out via email and got no response.

What I mean by this is, can you allow us to play the 3.11 or 3.13 version of the game on a private server we would pay you for or anything like that? Similar to your private leagues? Why is it necessary to force your vision onto other people without having any say in it? It makes me genuinely sad, why can we not play how we want and are bound by your rules?

Many other game companies do this, such as WoW (Classic WoW), Runescape (Old school Runescape), and many others, that often have more concurrent players than the actual regular up-to-date version of the game. Where the developer's vision no longer aligns with what the actual players find fun about the game. And the games that haven't done this, have historically had private servers made where players make their own changes that they can vote on in an actual democratic way instead of just being at the mercy of dev decisions. No, I am not trying to claim you don't know what you're doing to the game because you were able to make good versions of the game in the past, but I'm just trying to say that people want to play the way that they want without being bound by your rules.

The people who enjoy your slower playstyle can still play on your current/updated live client. I honestly don't see why you can't make this happen. It wouldn't be "pay to win", because players would be separate from your live/current version of the client. If anything, you would be paying to just play the way that you want. You already have your regular private server capabilities for private leagues, so I don't see why this can't be done. And no, it wouldn't invalidate anything you're doing in the current live client because the people who enjoy that version will be happy too, and THAT WAY, you can actually gauge via player numbers who enjoys which version of the game more, objectively, rather than just relying on only one client that you dictate heavily for your data about what players find fun.

Tarke Cat himself mentioned the concept of game archival being a good thing here: 14:03 to 14:35, where he states "The people who love the current state of PoE and this is the worst news, you have my absolute sympathy. It really is a shame that with the way that live service games work, you can have your favorite version of the game unplayable. Even with non live service games, with the current state of digital game ownership, you can lose access to your favorite game, we're constantly seeing servers being pulled. It's something that does actually need to be addressed wider in the community across all genres." So if my opinion is not valid enough for you, at least you have someone else, who you likely find more credible, to give their viewpoint on this as well. Thanks.

Let's create a petition or something?
Not sure how to feel about this new League at all called Expeditions.
Should i actually give it a chacne?
Harvest - I quit because of Mechanics early.
Ritual - Quit because of Mechanics again.
Ultimatum - I actually chose to just jump all over it, just completely ignoring it and didn´t play at all.
And when truth be told, it was too much of the same just all over again really.
Expeditions - I am wondering about if I should actually try it out, and properly again. Seems like it could be a potential good one, and it could be nice to play again after such a long pause. But... Hhhmmmm.

All in all I see too much of the same Mechanics used again too many times, already used earlier in "new" designs.

And I also see this "new" Supporter Packs. Now you can get a 3rd one too. 1st: $30. 2nd: $60. 3rd: $90. But when I really look further into these Supporter Packs, it feels like just the word GREED is just flashing all over them.
I have, I own, I bought quite a few Supporter Packs over the time, but now... Sigh.
I_NO wrote:

With A Guitar
uly 19 - 3.15 Private Leagues Are Now Available.
July 19 - 3.15 Balance Manifesto.
July 20 - Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information.
where is the patch notes?
i see the private league and apears in 20.07.2021 on website but no patch notes and item filter passive skills
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I_NO wrote:

32... tsk tsk
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
If you will check that account you will know that account are just for post on forum.

Where is patch notes? I want see what that st***d gamemakers did.
Will the servers be working on Friday?

Do I get to log on and play or will they be bogged down by too many people trying to play on Day 1?

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