Become a living nightmare in the new Necrolord Armour Set! In addition to it's classic white appearance, the Necrolord Armour Set is also available in Stygian, Celestial and Automaton varieties. If you can't decide on the perfect theme for your latest build, you may be interested in getting the Necrolord Armour Set Bundle. You can check out the individual sets and the bundle below or get yours here.

The Necrolord Armour Set is the first cosmetic effect designed in the Necrolord theme. We will be releasing more Necrolord microtransactions in the coming days. In the meantime, complete your menacing look with the Black Cloak, Void Weapon Skin and Black Footprints.

Thank you for your support!
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thoughts and prayers
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Default set looks good.
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The glows seem a bit overstated to me, and I don't see what separates the boots and gloves in terms of colours - stygian/automaton gloves look the same, for example.
It’s noticeable how you have improved lightning effects; a slowed arc-like effect moving along a path vs just a fast chaotic flicker.

Nice job.
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I can’t buy any more big supporter packs because the forum only supports showing 7 legacy tags.
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I see Stygian Flaming Head has been renamed; so I suppose we're getting the real one soon (i.e. what's on this set's helm)? Can those of us that purchased the Stygian Flaming Head have it swapped appropriately for free? :)
i see the chroma sets is becoming a thing, would be nice ig for the set would be somewhere another button where u could just swap colors. having less sets in UI is less clutter
This league expedition or heist ? i have million scrolls for heist and got 2-3 expeditions from league start :/

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