New Microtransactions: Necrolord Armour Sets and Bundle

cool and nice
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I really don't like the armour sets which make my character look like one of the monsters in POE.
Pfeewww ! Finally !

Just the thing we needed !

Thanks guys ! This thing will make me play the game, and everyone else which is leaving right now because of the pointless nerf. Yeah ! Definitely !

Thanks a ton. <3
Indi game developer, passionate gamer, 22 year of programming, 32 years of playing RPG's started with books and board games.
Since PoE 3.x absurds render my fun to none - I am here mostly to protect the weak and I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
No thanks.
The only logical and appropriate reaction to the Announcement:
Mystery Boxes PLEEEASEEEE :D
where are the boxes?
Imagine if you can merge all four.
and the 12 weeks with nothing but MTX everyday news is allready started.
Gonna ask the favorite question. how come the price doesnt get nerf?
Always wanted a stygian RF MTX.

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