New Microtransactions: Necrolord Weapon Skin and Weapon Effect

Is there going to be weapon effects for the other 3 Necrolord sets?

Also, if you guys do a green/Darkhaven Necrolord set that'd be awesome.
pls fix Archmage better buff 108%
Not so much into this necrolord stuff.
Als just reused assets from expedition. It seems.
Last edited by Rekill on Jul 29, 2021, 4:49:28 AM
Looks good, but wont buy it until you Fix the Issues you created with this League's Patch as well as stop making the Game a mess.
The only logical and appropriate reaction to the Announcement:
No different color versions?
Would be cool to see weapons used with Skills like Spectral Helix in the videos :)
Last edited by V4ldaran on Jul 29, 2021, 5:59:56 AM
In stead of posting stuff can y’all get going on the fixing of the servers on PS??? You guys are wasting time

You want the artists to fix the servers?

Come off it dude, get a grip.
I'd rather buy Diablo 4.
Looks familiar.

Cool, weapon skin is nice! The effect is less exciting, but mainly because I already own so many effects much like it. I would love a little diversity. God. I'd love a little pink! Some NOT sickly yellow as well.

I wish there was better moderation on these forums so that these comments could stay on topic. As former forum admin it bothers me just how poorly people respect that rule here. Even without active moderation - which they would likely decry as 'censorship' despite them breaking the rules - they should still have respect and start their own thread to whine about servers. Comments only about the servers or how they aren't going to spend money should be deleted.

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