Path of Exile: Royale — Everything You Need To Know

Boring like nothing else the 50 years I played games
Bad and unbalanced beyond belief, made without any testing I bet.
Adding different multiplayer modes was great idea, Royale is good, i think GGG can try add more modes, DotA/LoL mode, survival modes like Rust and Ark Survival Evolved, it's a lot what can be done here.
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GGG Can you please keep this running until league start? It's very fun and I don't see why it has to be limited to weekends only :(
GGG Nice Job
this is literally the most RNG determine game mode I have ever seen.
I can open five chests with no good skills and get one shot by random blighter three minutes into the game. this is like the average experience which was total bs. the size of the map cant even support you beyond level 4 unless playing in the morning. otherwise, lucky ppl with blight or EA can literally just take everything and kill whatever appears in their screen.

totally terrible TBH. work on your balance and maybe either increase the size of the map or lower the player number/cap
I've been waiting for this to come back since the day it came down! Thanks so much GGG for bringing back a hilarious, funny, and thoroughly (satisfyingly so) challenging game mode.

Are there elements of RNG? YES! That's the heart of Royale. xD

Are there elements of "oh this guy got better gear?" Yes! That's the soul of Royale.

Are there incredible moments of "yes how did I just come out of that alive?" Absolutely!

Not only did the team bring back Royale (something we've been asking to come back for years in my guild/friends circle), but you added an ENTIRE PVP passive tree. Love it and look forward to seeing many players enjoy it!
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If this is any indication of how well balanced the next league is going to be, it's not a particularly good sign.
Now I just need a PC to be able to play this :)
Meh... make leagues beter.... cant wait until poe2

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