Path of Exile: Royale — Everything You Need To Know

Yeah, Battle Royale is fun however you need to remove Blight or nerf Blight like the other skills. It is the one factor that is making the Battle Royale experiment fail miserably so you might need to consider doing something before it is too late. Also recommend a first second and third place system. By all means reward the winner however second and third place earners should also get points towards rankings (ladder)...however as mentioned fix Blight first...
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I boycott Facebook Alphabet Twitter and the next time I format my hard drive, Microsoft also. So I won't check your video on YouTube. Try LBRY/Odysee, the only good alternative to YouTube.
Blight is ridiculusly strong, please nerf it
Remove BLight, its just OP, also Explosive Arrow please, or it will die
daed coz of some imba skill gems like blight
MoarStuff wrote:
XP is limited and can be claimed much faster by the lucky players.

This compounds the problem for the player that was unable to find any skill to use early on. They are unable to 'catch up,' because there are no monsters left for them to kill or are far behind the level of the ones left.

It is not uncommon* for an unlucky player to have no skill they can use, at all. In this situation, they're stuck. Both the skills and the monsters they encounter will be beyond them and their auto-attacks.

[* - Perhaps the cases of me finding no skills to start with are down to my own play, but there seem to be a limited number of caches making it positionally rng whether you find anything at all.]

In staple battle royales, skills (weapons and ammo) are ubiquitous. In POE Royale, the island seems to quickly run out of low-level skills - including the poor ones - leaving the unlucky player up a creek without a paddle. This is with less than 60 players on an island. If caches don't scale with player size, this could be even worse with a full complement of 100 players.
I already faintly remember the feelings from the original event, but current PoE Royal is complete garbage, gameplaywise. If you didn't find any decent skill gem and weapon for it in the first 30-60 seconds - you probably already lost. Espicially when there is no reason to fight for 2nd or 3rd place. Starting from the 3rd minute whole gameplay is like: find last 2 mobs to get lvl 4 for and run away from 8-10 lvls. Poor-poor expirience to me.

Anyways still love GGG
Thank,GGG :)
"All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."
I didn't get to play it yet but ive seen streams on twitch and was thinking maybe allow us to use mtx that we own in the battle royale?
I am a massive fan of Battle Royale game and so excited to see this! Its so cool what your trying to do in taking this to an actual game mode. Iv won a few games and looking forward to growing my Feast!
I have a few thoughts on what I think would make it feel less april fools and a bit more fair and competitive, while still being the unfair, luck based loot gamemode that all BR's are..

Things you already know; skill balancing, loot balancing, potentially less players on island.

My Thoughts; Timed Level ups- timed with the reveal of new rings and level up this way, maybe throw some extra levels along the way. I haven't counted how many rings there are currently. hitting level 8 as the end game goal could be a good level, your the experts... Maybe even super rare loot drop item for an extra level up/2 skill points insert unique monster here.
Between already having loot and equipment, skill and support gems, getting the sockets on the go in ok gear. Levelling up your skill and support gems off on monsters etc. there is ALOT going on and you really really cant miss the first 20-30 seconds to get off the beach with an ok skill or you will never catch up, Levelling this way helps remove one of the massive issues of being level 2-4 while others get up to 7-10, but still rewards the luckier player (as expected of battle royals) who can go find better support skills/ level their gems and find gear etc.

Respec Points- maybe have 1 or 2 full allowances to respec your tree. If you find a nice spell early on but you are late off the beach you might miss alot of the monsters to level you spell, this is a big ouch, non spell's aren't so badly effected being under level, i can respec my tree, scavenge the floor for loot and get ready for my endgame still. At the moment it feels quite the lock out and very little you can do if the start goes bad (i try and scavenge corpses.. but then the gems require a level i don't have... (not relevant with "Timed level ups")).

Possible start gem- I dont know how i feel about this, it could be nice to have an option of maybe 1 of 3 skills to go with my 1 of 3 starter weapons, Either to be my skill to use or a fall back skill if I find nothing better, but with some loot drop rework might not be necessary. Only issue with loot drops, i like to try and win, so if I see skill gems I think are any good, I horde them to stop others getting them.(1 game I collected 6 blights XD) Not an issue other battle royals have but worth keeping in mind here. maybe there's a way to stop someone picking up a skill gem if they already have the same gem unequipped in their inventory.

...Thats all for now, Im hoping the levelling is less big to implement than it is in my head, I think that's the single biggest quality of life, otherwise lowering the initial amount of monsters and spawning in monsters per circle is an after thought. The initial exiles wont get as fast ahead in level, and then on circle spawns everyone has a chance to level, this actually also fixes the inability to level your gems. maybe a map indication to close packs of spawning mobs to give people something to fight over, a chance for upper levels to loose lead, or extend it.. as well as something to do during the midgame. A special global icon pointing on minimap to the 1 or 2unique monsters with ultra good stuff on them are going to spawn.. (like care packages in other games). I getting carried away now.. i excited GGG! much love <3
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