New and Changed Skill Gems in Path of Exile: Expedition


I cannot find the Uber Lab enchants for the new skills in the patch notes...

I was kinda expecting like Storm Rain +1 Arrow

or Eye of Winter +2 projectiles on final burst when it dissipates
So... GGG wants everyone to play traps and toxic rain. Got it.
PaulyD16 wrote:
So... GGG wants everyone to play traps and toxic rain. Got it.

Exactly. If i wanna play this patch/league i go for Firestorm critt traps with crit dmg and chance supports.

You know, Chris know everything, especially how to make build/skill diversity :D

Time to try out Frost Blades again,,
Like the buffed Lacerate. Always loved playing Lacerate bleed Glad, now it's even more fun I guess. Though don't like some of the nerfs, like Bane, Dash.
Let's see how this goes.

Asmongold finally made conversation session with Chris on patch and community reactions on huge nerfs

Jump to 5:10:00
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VaalStormCall wrote:
Instead of increasing your mobs and bosses life/damage scaling you instead take your failed frustration out on the player base after already selling out to Tencent... Poe was a fun and a good ride but I think my stop on this fantastic train has arrived. Thank you for memories, fun and ultimately letting us scale until patch 3.15. Take care to all of you that are reading this and did follow my guides and builds in Path of Exile!

Will the spellslinger gem both reserve mana and require the mana cost when the skills are triggered?
ty GGG
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