New and Changed Skill Gems in Path of Exile: Expedition

gandhar0 wrote:
Summon Reaper debuff on other minions at gem level 20, it scales as well.
39% less HP and damage for a measly Reaper-buff of:

40% increased damage, 20% increased attack speed, 20% increased movement speed and 10% increased character size

It kills any random minion every 6 or 25 seconds depending how fast the Reaper gets damaged. Seems not worth the hassle, even with temporary minions like Skeletons.


Unless the Reapers base stats are phenomenal (they probaby arent)
this skill gem already looks like DOA.

Thank you for sharing some relevant Reaper info Sir,
I wonder why GGG decided to make it deal Bleed dmg, like is there any way for us to even make it scale ? I don't remember any passive or unique able to do it for minions besides the "regular" flat phys dmg increase.
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"You can no longer-have-fun-League"
Instead of increasing your mobs and bosses life/damage scaling you instead take your failed frustration out on the player base after already selling out to Tencent... Poe was a fun and a good ride but I think my stop on this fantastic train has arrived. Thank you for memories, fun and ultimately letting us scale until patch 3.15. Take care to all of you that are reading this and did follow my guides and builds in Path of Exile!
Coool !
22/07/2021 RIP SUMMON REAPER...

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Great changes!
GGG, you are doing a great job keeping this game interesting, keep up the reajusting its a welcome change :)
Maybe I'll play this league again more :)

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