The Midnight Pact Mystery Box

remember : don't try to have a full set with it.
if you realy like it, you can by some of them, then complete the set at the next league.

when just some part are missing, you will spend a lot to try to have The part that you want.
Im really getting those Warhammer feelings from those MTX's. Love it
that overseer bow weapon is the coolest fucking thing i have seen in years. holy shit i want it IRL on my wall o.O
The combined set looks so sick, I need it.
thanks for all those nerfs in 3.15 i will never spend money again so...
only 3 Overseer Body Armour in 20 boxes POG
I really like the new Mystery Box loot. The combined armor looks very good!
That scavenger character effect mmmm love it
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