The Midnight Pact Mystery Box

Quality>MTX. Just saying...
Great designs, video/colors are too dark hiding all the intricate details (again)
n e green armour avail
Nice scaven set, yes-yes.
Raycheetah wrote:
I like the Owl Pet. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough items I really care about to make a gamble worth it. ='[.]'=

It is fortunate, then, that the owl, like everything else in the box, will be available for outright purchase in about four months.

And while the combined items are impressive, I would again ask why the alt-color option seems to have been retired. To refresh readers' memory, this would let you turn in (for example) two of X Overseer item for the same item, but with Scavenger coloration.

I would also want to check and see if this box model will also be available ingame for stashes.
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"Destroyed overnight, or the next one's free."
kinda underwhelming
That Combined Set is gorgeous.

Love the Rat pet and Cage Back attachment as well.

I'm also excited for the fire-style character effect and aura as I don't have any of those yet.

PS: the tail is great, will this count as a back attachment though?
Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
Like it :3
Kotta wrote:
Nice scaven set, yes-yes.

Points, yes. we must horde quick-fast.

Tail we must have.

(that clan moulder rat pet is awesome as well)

Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
best ones yet

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