Path of Exile: Royale Twitch Rivals Event

Will watch for 2 hours.

But the league and game remains dead to me.
I knew you would find a way to make it look like the game is well and alive somehow, guess its through the Battle Royale, even tho you jumped the train quite late.
The only logical and appropriate reaction to the Announcement:
Wooo Chicken Pet *Skippity Bop N Da Dop* RichReviewTech will be so jelly heh
Instead of fixing your jambs with support gems and can charges, you announce an unnecessary event to anyone. Well done! By the end of the week, online will be like at the end of last league ...
Ah yes a weapon skin! Once you apply a weapon effect, the skin don’t matter! Ha
Why do I have to watch to earn rewards?
Why can't I just play and get the chicken for winning?
and the launch of the league on PS4?
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
5am unless I'm converting the time wrong for nz? well nevermind I guess, that's pretty god damn rude
This streamer shit is outright trashy, especially the previous "news" post abount a bunch of random dudes being "spooked" with stone faces at your "favourite change" this league (that seems like nothing but a waste of time and a perfectly fine boss room).. But hey, a chicken is a chicken.
sachongo wrote:
van a dar una gallina y una hacha? enserio... :/ se pudieron haber puesto la 10 nose algun SET choto nose algo mas que una GALLINA supongo pero igual lo quiero jajaja

le demandas demasiado a GGG, una pobre compañía que en 2019 solo gano +90millones
27# Characters LV100!
11/21/2019 Kalandra Drop!

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