Patch 3.14.3 - Engine Improvements Patch

Eternal loading with two gears animation forever!

This patch bricked the game GGG you know?

jojobgood wrote:
Game won't load for me after the update. Just spinning gears.

Have same problem here. Until now GGG has nothing to say about it? This is ridiculous and what a lousy job to release the patch forcing people to update and brick the game. Any GGG people ever see our issues and working on this???
Maybe it requires a complete reinstall. We had that with our game. Some old files wouldnt be replaced through the patch for some reason.
Cant login sinds the patch. The gears keep on turning

Every single "performance" patch destroy my gameplay at its finest, past few leagues i could run anything that existed in game without 0 issues, no fps drops, pure quality picture and now i just watch slideshows on different contents, freezing, game closing with 0 error messages with different settings, only thing that left is to see how my pc explodes. Its not normal to play any other games with high/ultra quality settings, locked fps with 0 drops, but thats just poe things.

Not a single "performance" patch ever fixed anything, its just destroying % of players whole gameplay, you can clearly see it in global chats how people dont know what to do anymore. Instead of adding tons of useless contents maybe start to delete some or whatever you do there, but game is getting worst every single time you say "performance fix".
I logged in long enough to run around for a couple maps. Good stuff, was definitely an improvement.
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Just allow players to turn off rendering of items that were filtered...... It's so simple
Loaded for ages, which would be a good thing if it was like some patches back were it took longer but actually loaded assets. Instead, took ages to load and also was still loading things when I went in. Everything. From Atlas (a nice 10 seconds or more there), and back to looking at my helmet load, items, etc... This is sad.

My HDD is the issue in terms of times, and I am ok with this. But what is not loaded in is not a HDD issue, it was doing the same on my SSD as well. Jumping into the game with assets not being loaded.

Gonna test more later.

Delirium mirror btw took a good 15 seconds to render. I was sitting there looking at it. That is sad even for HDD performance. Literally sad.

Ritual felt ok.

Pretty crowded map with deliriums and beyond etc, which ran otherwise quite smoothly and pretty well aside from those load issues.

Haven't tested much more. Will come back to it.

Not bothering with SSD testing, I need the space for work and said fk it, shit don't load everything anyway. I don't care if it loads faster or slower, simply load things is my issue. Jumping into the game and seeing things still popping in for a good 3 mins is sad.

CPU seemed to be getting a hard hit first too before GPU.

Anyway, after load up, all is good, but still like it was. Just a little smoother? Sort of? Assets still load up, and I got a stutter freeze when Delirium mirror popped. Other than that, it went ok after.

Idk what to say anymore, the first iterations of Vulkan seemed literally better. I just don't know what feedback to give anymore.
gonna end up having my specs as a signature in here cause I am tired of writing them each time.

Intel Core i5 @ 2.90GHz
16gb 2400MHz ram dual channel
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

This can run the game flawlessly, it has run the game flawlessly, on SSDs and HDDs.

Still rather smooth, once everything loads. Again, microstutter on Delirium start, rest of the map was fine. Even Maven boss.

The loading, just, idk what its doing.

So don't want to be a complete bummer, it was working pretty good. I just get dissapointed when I see long loading times that still result in pop in. I mean one or the other, but both? idk. Thats my main issue. And this is what stutterd the delirum too, the load up of it.

Anyway, overall ok I guess.

The new charts are very helpful to see what is being strained.

Again, will come back to test more.
Sadly, another post of "Endless Spinning Gears" before login screen. Funny thing is I was playing the game just fine, then shut down the game to go make food. Came back an hour later to see there was a small hotfix update that was installed while I was making food, and then trying to sign on all I get is the endless spinning gears before the login screen can even come up.. I've tried re-installing the entire game multiple times, and even switched from using the steam version to the client downloaded from the website itself, neither work, it also takes me 8-9 hours per 're-install' attempt as I've got a slow internet.. My drivers are all up to date, and this is really sad as there doesn't seem to be anything I can do on my end to get the game to work, from what I've seen this is a much larger issue than just my PC, it's a lot of PCs being effected, machines with varying specs to them, so it's not just me.. Hope the Devs are at least aware of the issue and working on a solution, would be nice to hear at least that much back from them, silence is just a bad look.

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