Solaris and Lunaris Statues and Mystery Bags Still Available

I'm eyeing the cap, wondering what the remaining # caps to mystery bags ratio is? Second thought ... perhaps it's best not to know. I would probably finish with 5 copies of each shirt before seeing the cap, which would clip through the side of my head when equipped.
I am still waiting for link to pay for bag. It take so much time.
That's sad
Does it Ship directly from China ? is Tencent selling it ?
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x7yr wrote:
Does it Ship directly from China ? is Tencent selling it ?

Hiya, Grinding Gear Games is selling these items and they are likely being shipped from here in New Zealand. If you'd like any further information about specific shipping information feel free to send an email or private message through to Support. :)

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How can i buy t-shirt alone guys.
Can someone give me shop link.
i like the t-shirt with X
how the hell dose it cost so much to ship form NZ... money grab recoup lose 'definitely'

Wow!! Very cool
A couple of weeks ago, we announced that Mystery Bags were available to those who were interested in purchasing the remaining merchandise stock that was sold at ExileCon. We still have a number of these available to purchase

Update: The one bag per person limit has been removed. If you're keen to purchase another Mystery Bag, please get in touch with our Merchandise team at

Dont get me wrong. It makes sense to sell stockpiled merch before it rots away in their garage as you explained in your last thread.

But this time it feels so forced down the throat and a litle awkward considering you already made mega bundles last time i dont think people will buy much of the remaining merch after grabbing ther favourites already.

But anyways i had a good laugh and i hope next league will be a smoother 1st weekend experience.

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