Solaris and Lunaris Statues and Mystery Bags Still Available

those statues are actually really nice.

any of these still available, please?

also what day officially do the supporter packs rotate, it says 5 days, not sure what timezone it operates under though.

Just want to be sure I get them before they go off.

I had to go to hospital for an operation last year, and leading up to this was sick for a month. meant I had stopped playing the game for a long while.

Looking to get back into it though, and those are some cool armour sets.

PS: sorry for talking about off-topic things, but I figured there was no point me posting this somewhere else, when I'm already leaving a reply here.

Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
Bump ^

are those statues to straight up buy, or they a random chance please?
Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.

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