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groink19 wrote:
t3r3f3r3 wrote:
Dear GGG

I would like to know about in a week launch of new expansion,

How you guys think, will you handle all these people who would like to play normally from first minutes of expansion without any troubleshotings?
Or it will be again somekind of stupid Rules that Streamers will have priority to login to servers?

I would like to know becouse i need to take free day in work :P

Best Regards,

Chris mentioned both things in the Q&A with ZiggyD.

1. He expects the launch to be much smoother (but obviously things could still go wrong)

2. He said that it was a mistake to let Streamers go first and they will not do it this time.

Only poor decision making as of late. First direction of the game, when people find something fun, nerf nerf nerf. Then streamer priority.. after the failed start, then the poor decision to not even restart.

Every league they want people to figure out new builds, even when people just copy streamers. I don't see the point. I prefer playing a game that feels rewarding, it doesn't feel rewarding to use 'new spells' just to clear similar content that's more RNG-oriented than ever before.

It was nice to see people doing harvest, delve, beast, jun, alva, simulacrums, so many different jobs that complimented each other. So they made changes that they think would "balance" everything or not........ I can only say, why bother playing at all?

Their analysis on ultimatum's failure is also mostly off. They don't seem to understand their own game anymore.

`Spent 2 mirrors on my build, but I'm only Level 98.` LOL
`From just quick sweep of your characters, toxic rain, golems .. sure, non meta... sure.` LOL

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