3.15 Announcement Livestream Details

Hmm unexpected announcements... What I'm hoping is either harvest buffs or a return of PoE BR :') Delusional perhaps but a guy has to dream right...

Ventustg wrote:
GreenAve wrote:
All these people crying about twitch drops like wtf, u dont have anything else in mind than mtx?

1 challenge completed in the whole league and they are telling us something about how bad it is and wish a new league and cry for free mtx, its insane.

i bet these are the people which stash tabs are full of 1 alchemy trades and after all complaining.

play the game or quit, better for us all.

Hey, hey, you leave people with stash tabs full of 1 alchemy trades out of this, I salute those people and the service they provide (as long as they actually respond).

LOL true... As long as they actually are willing to trade the item they posted they're absolute heroes :') So often I just need that one unique or base that's kinda cheap but a hassle to go look for it myself so those people rly do save me a lot of time overall :P
Romados wrote:
Bunch of single-round challengers.

I feel like GGG is going to knock it out of the park this time around. Not sure, just a hunch. We must have faith in Chris and his team. They got us this far, why would they just botch the game now?

It feels like the people in these comments either don't even play the game (with no supporter packs and no challenges) or they have 10,000 or more hours. So much hate, why are these people even on the forums anymore? This game is a service provided for free.

If you like the game, enjoy it. If you don't like the direction, provide meaningful feedback. GGG has listened before. Stop raging mindlessly in the forums and on Reddit. If I was the dev team I'd be super upset and demotivated seeing all the comments.

My feedback: Revert Headhunter changes (way too rare now), buff some cool skills, stop focusing so much on new content and start improving previous content more. BTW, my game is running at over 130-140 fps in 1440p now! Running on a 5700xt. Great performance boosts for me at least even in DX11.
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