New and Changed Skill Gems in Path of Exile: Expedition


All the changed skills I'm using are getting buffed with the exception of Dread Banner, which I don't actually use that often.

Let's go! I want to finish off this newly buffed lvl 72 Slayer. lol

Vidar88 wrote:
Most of the skill gems are getting buffs from the looks. Why are there a lot of people complaining? Old stats versus new stats on the majority have increased?
No. There are no buffs. They "buffed" almost only melee skills, and not even all of them. And if you calc, it's about +25% base damage and multyplier. While overall DPS nerf through their "Greater Support Gems Reduction" is about 40-60% DPS for ALL skills. Not only for melee, which got some compensation, but for all spells, and any kind of DoT builds. Not speaking about +100% final manacost for 5-6 links. This 25% melee boost is a fucken plantain.
when are the support gem info getting shown
Reganlord wrote:
when are the support gem info getting shown

You can read about the Support Gems here.
Damn, that Fire Trap buff is a game changer
I am happy with the changes!

Cleave build here I come

Actually....some of skills damage increased, even taking into account support nerfs....:D A bit of a mess this all:)))
Shadeless01 wrote:
Ydoum wrote:
you REALLY need to tell us which of the new gems will be available to which specific class and what are their level 1 requirements.

They did, it is in the wall of text nerf notes

Thanks, but YIKES. That's not exactly convenient.
3.15: Path of Nerfs?
Path of No More $ Support From Me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Is Blade trap purely physical damage? It doesn't have any damage type tag on the gem.
awesome patch!

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