New and Changed Skill Gems in Path of Exile: Expedition

Split Arrow:
Now has an Attack Speed of 110% of Base.
Now deals 210% of Base Damage, and has 210% Effectiveness of Added Damage at gem level 20 (previously 168%).

GGG are you drunk?
thefionn69 wrote:
huge fire trap buffs

got jebaited:)
Aren't y'all missing the earthbreaker support? :U
Elemental Hit

New: 391 to 726 Added Cold Damage
Old: 392 to 729 Added Cold Damage
New: 75 to 1467 Added Lightning Damage
Old: 77 to 1465 Added Lightning Damage

lmao, why even bother those numerical updates. Just change it to prismatic and be done.
I don't know if it's good or bad that there weren't any RF changes. but seriously it's always ever been nerfs, even a slight buff would have been nice.
The support gems are on a separate page:
Uh, whats going on here with Explosive Concoctions? Those numbers don't make sense. Its less DPS with a lightning or cold flask than Rolling magma. And you give up flask spots, 3 gem sockets, and a weapon.

It better be able to shotgun or something or its just dead in the water.
Caustic arrow tops at 2-3mil dps in mirror tier gear, depending on ascendancy.
It's beinged ignored for years.
Skip league! Cya all.

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