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All changes for the better, I know there's a lot of negativity out there this patch but I'm happy you bit the bullet and are addressing the outrageous power-creep, and sure you didn't get it all right on the first try that's fine. Iterating the changes so you get the speed and difficulty for the game where you want it is a long term battle. GL GGG
Very nice to hear maps no longer are gonna have increased effect. Actually insane. Guardians will be able to be curse immune ezpz. Otherwise still looking to hear about auto pickup for those splinters but I know you won't do it.
100% ethical changes. Krillson's blessings be upon you all, exiles.
I was here
GGG, nerf league pls, it's too rewarding, i'm already farmed 3 mirrors from it, i don't want play the game further

The 20 currency isn't the problem.

IT's getting RSI from picking up all of the types of currency EVERY SINGLE League.

It's in an expedition they watch us pick it up and then we still spend it or put it into a chest. Just give us the currency in the auto deposit it the chest.

I'm sorry but if you continue down this path you won't have any long term players.

These are fine fixes that don't endanger the goal of the league too much. The map curse thing maybe was a bit much considering you should just not run them like that and reroll.

The Staunching not giving Corrupted Blood immunity was strange but I just assumed you encouraged people to grab a jewel early. It's what I did obviously. Instead of whining about it. I agree with the change though, it makes more sense it give immunity.
Finally we can cast more then 2 skills without blood magic with a high reserved character.
This Saltmine league maybe become less painful with the changes.
Bring back synthesis with winter orb.
Zizaran has mentioned that 'monsters are immune to X' is a horrible mechanic and needs to be removed immediately. This is not diablo. IF we wanted diablo we'de play diablo. I'm not sure why a lot of the mechanics are being copied from them suddenly. This is supposed to be a competition...

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