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The issue isn't with variety. There's just too many clicks we have to make.

Maybe allow us to hold down a button, then hover over items instead of clicking each time? Could even add each item to an internal queue. We'd still need to walk to each item and we'd still interact with it, but it would be a lot less painful.
The dmg nerf is not that bad, but the mobility nerf was really bad, pls reconsider and maybe "buff" all movement skills.
These things are really terrible...3 months of testing and designing and you still messed up things this badly?

Who thought 1 second immunity was a good thing? Who thought bleed flasks not helping with corrupted blood was a good thing? Who designed the Reaper (described as a 1-minion army) with such little survivability in the first place? Who tested the goatmen and determined their ridiculously overtuned damage was a GOOD CHANGE? Who played through Act 1 and decided that mana multipliers as they are now were a GOOD amount?

Why are there changes being implemented 3 days after league start? Does NOONE at GGG test these things before rolling them out?

What don't you get about the CLICKING that's the problem? I could care less if you introduced 100 different new currencies, stop making us click on them! Why can't everything be like Azurite?
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Thank you! Do not give in! The league is great so far!!
yun wan jia. dan wo ye xiang peng yi xia. la ji ggg
watch my name,

U are OK
Such a stupid leagues,I'd rather go to play the fucking Wow in shit 9.1 asshole
Thanks for your hard work over the weekend and the smoothest season start since a long time! Having so many new active skill gems to choose from was exciting.

I really enjoy the league so far, playing HC with a friend an we both liked the more tactical gameplay a lot.

My absolute highlight are the stash tab affinities, it's so relaxing to place loot into the stash now. To everyone complaining about the many expedition currency items, there's an affinity you can activate in the expedition locker!
Problem with the splinters are they take up my entire inventory unless i stash every single encounter. I just wanna blast through 10 maps before stashing
CrazyGuyOP wrote:
Thank you! Do not give in! The league is great so far!!

But they did "give in", even if only a little. Mana Multipliers are being decreased and flask immunities increased with an upcoming patch.

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