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What is the point on play a "new" league, if its mechanic is SOOO annoying, or drop or find its exclusive content its impossible (like Logbooks) ? Its so boring to farm like 20 maps to get a single Logbook... seems we are playing standard, without currencies and nerfed... Why GGG is so interested at destroy this game ? Wasnt enough that damn Ultimatum Master spawn rate as boss, and now we have this awful logbook drop rate (not even possible to find those sites, even worst to find bosses)... really... if this league not improve soon, will quit POE for good. Dont have like 12 hours a day to play it, nor have a legion o donators to boost my game like streamers-GGG-influencers. Two crap leagues ever in a row (Ultimatum and expedion) !
"However, because you can immediately stash them into the Expedition Locker after an encounter, the variety of currency types doesn’t really cause additional inconvenience. "

id like to play poe and poe 2 instead of d2r and d4 but statements like this make me believe that [Removed By Support] and to give up all hope
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I can't even get motivated to complete the storyline. You have taken the fun out of the game and made it like work... time to find another game.
The explanation on why we ended up with 4 different sets of currencies from 4 different path of exile games seems very lacking.

There seems to be more story behind this; some league design that was change last second. Because as it is, even a casino is a lot better designed since you only need to exchange your money to 1 kind of currency called "chips" , and then you can now play different kinds of gambling.

As it is, these small to very large poker chips, from 20 different casinos seems to be just gold in 20 different forms (and sizes). They're not like other PoE currencies that have crafting use.

Using existing currencies maybe would've made this league sooo much better. The new NPCs are essentially the same as the normal (although mostly useless) vendors in Town. But for some reason is asking 20 different brand new annoying currencies. Directly copying D2 would have been better: Add new NPC in town, or a new Vendor Tab, and add new currency sink for existing crating orbs. Then, they could add a chance mechanic that the NPC will reward you: a special unique map called: The Gold Saucer!

In any case, this design is a shocker, it is way below what to expect from GGG (which is very very very high than normal). I'd say this is even worse than the Ghost league.

In any case, PoE is still a lot better when the game had desync as a feature.
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