The Midnight Pact Mystery Box

I still don't get the dress-up part of this, but hope you all enjoy it.
I need this rat mom pet ;-;
andrew8448 wrote:
So, previous box stuff drops in store in a month, right?

I had not bought any this time, but had 150 points, so decided to grab five.

I must have been really lucky, as not only did I get stuff I wanted from the boxes, but the boxes probably changed like 5 mins after I bought them.

I had specifically wanted the purple aura and the totem skin, and got both those.

These new boxes are very cool, but I'd have been sad if I'd just missed the chance to roll for the items I wanted.

Ended up being a great roll, so saved myself a few points in the long run.

The new weapon effects and stuff are very nice I think. they're mostly a little less crazy than older ones I find.
Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.

Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
1000 hours test team? Just a joke。Will you actually play the game you designed?The content of these two seasons is bad enough 。
Absolutely lovely ! Got mine and totally love the overseer one !
Oh, this looks beautiful =D
Gwennen would love to gamble with these.
Decided to buy 5 boxes, and am pretty happy with the results!

Owl Pet
Ratmother Pet
Overseer Helmet
Scavenger Helmet
and 1 building supply

Can't complain, actually wanted the owl and ratmother pets, awesome!

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