The Midnight Pact Mystery Box

These are fenomenal keep it up!
Yeah Ratmother is literally the stuff of nightmares.

Even Malachai wakes up in cold sweat when he dreams about it.
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I can’t buy any more big supporter packs because the forum only supports showing 7 legacy tags.
The sets don't really appeal to me but the blood rage looks divine. I also thought the Scavenger Back Attachment was cool but hard to tell how it would mix with other in-game sets. I am surprised that I liked the pets so much but they are honestly something I usually hate and this time around a wish I had both the Giant rat Momma and White Owl buddy.

*Edit* Taking a look back at the video the combined set might look really cool it's kind of hard to see with it being so limited in the video but that rat/owl portal is pretty wicked, shame I have to wait 5 months to buy it from the store though. :( GL to anyone willing to Gamble
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wow i probably would have spent a few hundred dollars on this if i wasnt quitting the league 3 days in lol.
So, previous box stuff drops in store in a month, right?
andrew8448 wrote:
So, previous box stuff drops in store in a month, right?

Yeah it's always been 1 month after release of new MTX Box and 2 months after for sale on those items.
I really dislike the loot box model. I love these sets! Seriously, amazing work by the art team holy crap I want so many items from this box. I'll wait the 4 months till it ends up in the shop. It must be so much more profitable to do it this way. The combined set, portal, pets etc. My mind is made up on these purchases but it's gated behind a 4 month timer. Bleh. I'm glad tho that this came out now cause I was going to buy the current box combined set - Nope! This new one is way more amazing. Great job on the spooky sets!
Absolutely love the Scavenger Back Attachment. My inner Witch screams with joy.
Yes-yes mystery box-thing me wants!
uwu set

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