Path of Exile: Royale Twitch Rivals Event

Thanks GGG, imma shove off a chicken up my ass.
The weapon tho' it's impossible, 2 hours within 5 hours, 'cause life.

Thanks for the average event.
To be honest,i realy enjoyed this type of content.

Expedition is the worst league ever,nowaday GGG are - delusional corporats who doesn't play or test their game.
Wake up,Chris...
You obosralsya.
missed axe by 3% Sadge
can you uhhhh maybe announce these kinds of events more than 12 hours in advance so that more interested parties can participate? k thanks
JugJugJug wrote:
75 min after getting and claiming the heartseaker weap effect twitch drop, still not on my account.

The chicken was on my poe account within about 5 minutes... where my mtx ggg?? too. got the chicken fine, still no heartseeker
I could not get a drop, I found out too late...😢
i missed the Heartseeker like 5% time... oh come on
Got both drops. Thanks GGG. If you're open to feedback, I would recommend a better choice of items next time.
It was a great event, totally loved it, can't wait to see more events in the future, thanks GGG & all streamers involved :D
Last edited by KingCaracticus on Jul 29, 2021, 6:39:34 PM
Got both drops but only the chicken so far in game, over 2hrs since claimed on the weapon and still not ingame. Is there a delay?

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