Path of Exile: Royale Twitch Rivals Event

30.000 $ for the streamers???
Who pays that?
At the end the players??
Finally,i have a chicken for my hideout.
I will slaughter entire fuckin villages for that chicken pet.
Last edited by Potion on Jul 29, 2021, 4:18:09 AM
they really pushing to make this a thing lmao what a shame
I couldn't care less about any events until you guys care about what the community thinks about your nerf barrage.
the game is in such an unbalanced state fix that shit before caring about battle royal pls.
I hope all the mess in a league is not because your balance team wasted their time on a battle royale that nobody asked for...
3.13 was the best league ever!

Your crafting is RNG casino...
I just hope the chicken is to scale compared to the axe...
Cringe redditors are crying in every post now.
Are the mtx bundles randomly awarded to viewers or are they rewards for placing in the tourney?
Chicken pet... In current league...
No no no... Skipping stream with sure.

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