Path of Exile: Royale Twitch Rivals Event

WaterDropy wrote:
Oh great .. streamers again.

Why is this event so early tho ? To distract from the mess this league is and hoping to bring back some of those that skipped the league ?

Well, remember when they said they were prepared? Yeah, this is it. They prepared a distraction because they knew this patch would suck.
Thats cool!
We can't have fun ourselves with this dumpfire of league, so in return we can watch some streamers having fun with each other

God , cant wait to D2R
in_hop_in wrote: thanks

i would prefer roll back to 3.13 than all this kind of... attitude.

3.15 has been the most fun yet. 0_o

Wow. Is the league deader than dead then?

We're ready for this, huh?

its look like what GGG think about players '' chickens''
streamers + aurabots, everyone else? - get out...

bring back 3.13
RaizQT btw said that we mustn't play in Poe. So i will. Bring back 3.13.
Royale Blight!!! 😍
IGN : Bible_Black
Nice, hyped for this!

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