Patch 3.15.0e and Royale Balance

Luigo wrote:
Why does everyone want this game to be easy mode? This league is great.

Why dont you play HC if this game is so easy and fun with exp. hm?
Or next one shet-talker? :D
If you really feel like this game is your livelihood and the main point is for the community to have fun, please act like it. I've never seen so many content creators quit a game before than did because of your apocalyptical nerf. The damage nerfs are fine but flasks are awful. The piano gameplay was from necessity, considering they're the only source of immunity without a very large amount of work or only playing specific builds, and a lot of us don't have the time. You slowed the player down without slowing down the mobs, making everything more painful to play, not more challenging. I've played thousands of hours since breach and i really do love this game, but i just can't bring myself to play it the way it is now. Your vision of the game has lost sight of your player base Chris. Please take a step back and consider us, not yourself. You can't destroy the community because 1% of the player base gets 15 mirrors and destroys all the content you create. They will always be there. Balancing around the 1% is never the right answer.
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Make a game for 1-5% of the population, okay ... If someone wants to make a game that won't bring you enough cash. I try to buy a package every league to support the creators. But in this league, I don't see the point if someone doesn't support the game in my direction, and the part of society that spends all day playing has a big advantage over an ordinary player ... Someone who wants to spend time and relax playing after work is gone chances of it. I like the totem game, but unfortunately the summoner is superior to any build. Even trying to change the style of the game turns out to be worse, because everyone has their own habits. And everything went somewhere ... Because there is favoring top builds that do not move, and the rest of the builds are destroyed for the fact that they can barely cope with the current content.
It's just not fun in many aspects it was during pre-3.14. And it's the second time in a row when the league content is nice and patch alongside it is insanely bad.

It's not fun to do Acts the same way every league and instead of at least try to fix this - you're making this time longer. Acts are still speedrunable, but oh my.

It's not fun to see "immune to * damage" during league mechanics. Because it's weak choice, it's not interesting at all.

It's not fun to see how many builds are literally dead now, because curiosity and easy start (except of boring Acts) in league was my driver to test 2-3 different builds during every league. Now it's not an option obviously.

It's not fun to see literally almost dead market, because of how many people are left the game — because their favorite skill is nerfed to ground or build just broke.

Chris, it's not fun to play the game you're trying to achieve here. From the player's point of view, not developer's. Yeah, maybe devs and team is frustrated to see that content they created for months just melting by some zoom-zoom-meta-omg-build. But if it's fun to people — why bother?

I just can't see why those nerfs implemented now, in such extreme way and in such disconnected-from-community feel.

I really like the game and started to buy supporter packs, to, well, support your vision of the game. To support the things you do in GGG with PoE. But not now, not in this league. Because it's not fun anymore.

And it's not fun anymore because of you, GGG.
well,PVP is the best part of this league,keep it up GGG proud of you.

Wake up,Chris...
You obosralsya.
Why you guys waste time on worst Royale implementation till now... it is just waste of time. Your game is for years most imbalanced game ever and you jsut keep going in wrong direction, wasting time on something pointless as Royale instead fix your game.
I with gear=6-7 ex cant even kill 4 awakened Sirus, just go to stage 3 and get one shoted from him with 0 dps on 5 day of league.
3-4 party abusers get 100 lvl on 4 day of league.
Kris, what is creep? What u fix? I get hits and die almost every map, cause u fix evasion and damage. Most builds in game survability was damage before u die, u dont improve def mechanics. With pf toxic on start rain i had 6k hp and 60/60 dodge, 10k evasion(now even smaller), i get hit from every mob group and die, i'm creep in this game now. I could start es champ like previous league, but u make his damage from 6 link to 3-4 link and more slower, nice job)
And flask charges on other classes except pathfinder....
Just fix party abusers, aurabots, ban Emperyan, and take back all prev dps to players, meta always will be, and most used skills always be with good dps or pleasantly playable like cyclone, make all skills like cyclone, and equate all skills in damage, then game become balanced
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I was having some decent fun before this league. The new changes have ruined it for me. They've only made the problem of exploiters and market runners ruling the game worse, by a lot. And their obsession with balancing the game around those people I fear has disappointed me one too many times.
smh. I keep running the game after I get home from 15 hours of work to hope that maybe, JUST MAYBE see a patch downloading of them Lol'ing in our face and saying, hahaha, how you like our prank. But, nope. Nothing.
I couldn't beat end game before. Now I REALLY Can't beat the end game. Let alone t1- t3 maps. Smh.
No skill I have tried so far will even clear 50k dps with just basic gear and gems. I'm not a 1%'er.
Any work on the new gems coming? Im running the new storm arrow and even when accuracy stacking the 100 arrows miss mobs from the new mechanic, not even focused ballista procs.
Also i have an issue when im getting bleed stacks from a rare thats not near me (outside of point of view) even after i used all my 9 bleed immune charges from my 3 life flasks wth.

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