Patch 3.15.0e and Royale Balance

I'm starting to hate the game when it either freeze or lag or even kicks you out of the game this used to be my favorite game but now it's my least favorite game please make sure the patch that you make for the client crash is actually working and that you tested and tried the new patch please and thank you
The thing is logbook seems rare drop like an exalted and this is a bit frustrating because they are so fun and rewarding to do and this league seems way less rewarding with the rewards outside logbooks than the previous leagues.
Obviously, GGG don't give a f*** to the main issue : "people are leaving the game cause of what the game has become since the new league".

Giving change to Royal is considering 2, maybe 5% of the community who's complaining about it.....

Waouw....that's a big move.....

You're in GGG, c''re in! Don't change anything..I mean, why?

Majors post are about how you ruined the game by adding so much changes that results in a remake of "Exodus"! (changes are good...but with a bit of reflexion, adding them progressivly would have been a sense)

But yeah! Royal is the point! I see players comming back....huray!!!

Im having a huge amount of hard crashes to desktop in this latest patch,im barely making a map without running out of portals. turned of all mtx and reinstalled the game same shit after that.
Im so dissapointed with this league...i dont even know where to start...the so called "balance nerfs" are terrible af...i mean im not a zoomer who does T16 in 2-3 mins, but still the game feels slow and clunky even for a casual like not even in the mood to go into details, becouse i simply dont care anymore...GGG ruined my favourite game...guess i have to wait for Diablo 4, even i hate Blizzard as a company (that was not the case with GGG). Yeah and btw.: the league mechanic is boring and pathetic...I dont know what was their though process...."lets make the players gather (click) and manage a shit ton of splinters so they can buy some stuff" sounds really fun and interesting (didnt mean it , just to be clear). Not even speaking about royale...maybe it could be good, but when the actual game is broken and sucks now, who would even give a F about royale...only streamers and thats becouse they are doing it for a living (most of them) regardless having fun or not...
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Why does everyone want this game to be easy mode? This league is great.
Luigo wrote:
Why does everyone want this game to be easy mode? This league is great.

Haha, summoner say
Luigo wrote:
Why does everyone want this game to be easy mode? This league is great.


My huge issue is not "easy mode", it is this league doing exactly the opposite of what Chris Wilson set out to do and that is only a very limited amount of builds can now do the content and for the most part those builds are not fun to play for me.

The real issue was the 1%ers blowing up end game bosses in 1 second. I bet 50% of the folks in these forums could come up with a way to stop that and not across the board nerf almost every skill.

This is just me, but after years of playing the game and following the meta's so I could be competitive I was finally able to try the more fun builds the past few leagues where I had enough dps to invest heavily into defense (especially the flasks) so my lame ass playing didn't result in deaths all the time. I learned to play fast mainly to keep my flasks full at all times and it was fun - Delirium taught me how to not plod along.

Destroying 90%+ of the builds for the regular players sucks. And yes, I did Ice Trap this league and it works - but it is not particularly fun. There is a reason almost no one played them. So in summary in case I was not clear...I think that the huge pushback are players like myself who have invested a lot of time in POE, finally learned to play halfway decent, were pumped to play good looking 2nd tier skills instead of Toxic Rain, summoners, blade vortex, cyclone etc. We got kicked in the face.

Still waiting for GGG to do something, i haven't deleted the game, please make it playable, the league mechanic is too hard and so many builds aren't viable.
just keep playing with permanent curses with empty flasks...

of course, of course, unless you are a pathfinder with atziri reflection, sry
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