Path of Exile 3.15 Expansion Teaser

ah, a teaser... Waste of time
Restore Harvest

The north remembers.

I closed my eyes and slammed, my wallet shut after what they did to harvest and qol hostage. I'm happy to wait another 2 years for poe4.0 to see if that improves anything.
0 drop gang -

<a href="">11-Mar-2021 - The day Poe destroyed Harvest, the day poe officially died</a>
If you watch closely, you'll notice they tease 4 new skills (very easy to miss,) and they show off some imagery and npcs from the new league, (aka tease it.) People may have to pause the video to not miss these.

Excited and looking forward to the fun, keep it up guys!
Teaser looks like it brings something cool! Lets see what they made for us!

Can't wait for 23rd and hope for a cool and stable release - not like ultimatum :D

edit: DAB ;)
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Two weeks way to long , How about this weekend ;)
cant wait to see more
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ull fight the 4 bosses who are pirates , and then in maps ull fight the skull spawns , with rewards on them , same as legion , but 2.0
Delete Harvest, slow the game down, make trading harder, then I might buy my first MTX.

Teaser was okay, but boring. Short didn't have to be boring.
Expecting a first time MTX Chest Piece reward after looking at these Rogue-like fellas.Their outfits are bussin'.

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