Path of Exile 3.15 Expansion Teaser

we want harvest back! The Garden made me feel like a real farmer lol

We ? Don't talk about people like "We". Dear new players, please don't try login in the new league. Everything was okay before you. Servers break down for new users and why ? Just for 2 days fun. Whatever, i hate gardeners. Everything can will be around just do something about optimizations. Good work.
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HanSoloDK wrote:
So when is poe 2 coming out ? :)

Am i only one not giving a fuck about poe 1 anymore ? :D

1½ - 2½ years.

they are already millioners , they dnt care about poe much any more .
Serioule wrote:
2-headers complaining about launch dates and a short teaser (it's not supposed to show much btw) as if covid never happened, or people aren't working from home. Does anyone realize that it's often difficult to work from home for a lot of people?

Btw, the game is too easy. It would be /good/ if people actually had to know boss mechanics instead of insta-deleting/phasing bosses. It's often why I quit early in the season.

GGG nuke harvest and nerf meta builds plz :D

Maybe try playing in Hardcore and add SSF, then come back and tell me if the game is still too easy :D
next random content we already saw ...

most excited to see pr bloopers like the queue of shame and bug-fest once more :D
Looks great
All I saw was the same high-speed-aoe-based gameplay that's driven me away.
Support a free Hong Kong.

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It’s Dave, Dozy, Beaky and Mick. They have lost Titch and they need your help to search the atlas to bring the Dave Clark five back together. You have to collect enough vinyl from monsters to be able to make your first record and use the sounds of “baby I want your love thang” to summon Maven and free Titch.
Don't forget that no stash tab will support the vinyl or the completed record so you have to manually micromanage!
Singulare wrote:
I really get some grave digging vibes from that ghost/skull field as league mechanic. Maybe we have to get shovels and dig out around that markers to get the loot.
All in all a bit disapoointed as the 3.14 teaser had so much more league mechanic information than this one (i only hope they didnt show more as it would spoil too much).
In a new league teaser i kinda care more for the new mechanic than some new skills... (although they looked cool)
Better a bad teaser for a good league than a good teaser followed by Ultimatum crap league
To the intern/janitor who spent precious hours making that teaser – please don’t be discouraged by the overwhelmingly negative response in this thread. Your video is an excellent representation of the actual state of POE today and the priorities of GGG in general (don’t forget to check out the new supporter packs and other much needed micro transactions in the shop in the coming weeks). I for one am super excited for the stream of the reveal of the news of the unveiling of Ritual 3.0 and hope to see many new and returning faces on launch day (in the forums most likely as the game probably won’t even run at launch).
*On a brighter note PD2 Season 3 starts July 26 so there will be something to play while they figure out the server issues and of course something to play after they resolve aforementioned issues.

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