Path of Exile 3.15 Expansion Teaser

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nomercyreaper wrote:
Cool stuff. Game will stay uninstalled until Harvest is reverted or trade is fixed.

Safe to say we wont miss you.
Looks good don't hype it, I'll be back on the 15th
Second-class poe gamer
Restore Harvest
Relationship wrote:

Delayed the fucking launch.

What by an entire 6 days, oh no.
Are those harvest pylons with the skulls from the Katarina fight stuck to the top?
Well, this is an interesting teaser.

Here's to hoping that we do more than run around in circles this league.

Can't wait!
Tsayah wrote:
Tin_Foil_Hat wrote:
DiabloImmoral wrote:
I want a refund on the teaser. It's not teasing anything.
Agreed. This really didnt tease anything imo... Looked like pretty regular gameplay.

Also pushed back it seems. 23rd for new league ? Soo like an extra few weeks of waiting ?

How are people not noticing it's full of new skills?
I mean we dont really need new skills... And those skills dont appear to be anything wildly different from what we already have ? I mean if i couldnt tell those were new skills off the rip, that probably says a lot about the skills ?
Harvest sucks! But look at my decked out gear two weeks in!

Labyrinth salt farm miner.

"But my build diversity" , "Game is too hard!" - Meta drone playing the same 1-3 builds for years.
give us more!!
saif3r wrote:
Stalking the release to be as far from d2r as possible with 3.16.

You may think that but this launch is only 7 days longer than 3 months. Ultimatum was 16th April. Well within accepted tolerances.

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