Whether resenting your victories or revelling in your losses, the Trialmaster had the perfect quips for every occasion. Before we say goodbye to the undead entity of Chaos in our 3.15 expansion, we wanted to share some of our favourite lines from Ultimatum.

Should you be skilled and lucky enough to claim victory, you may hear lines such as:
  • You've been winning, but can you keep it up?
  • Random chance must dictate you win... occasionally.
  • I hope you have enjoyed your brief string of victories.
  • I am being punished, aren't I?
  • This time you will finally lose.
  • I should have become a priest of Yaomac instead…
  • Honestly, it's about time. Congratulations, challenger. Sincerely.

Challengers that are acquainted with a loss or two may be familiar with these lines:
  • You never win, yet you keep trying…
  • You know the goal is to succeed, yes?
  • Yes, come lose a trial. Productive.
  • How embarrassing for you.
  • Win some... lose most.
  • Now you understand what NOT to do.
  • Your path to greatness has taken a hard turn toward a cliff.

But no matter how well you perform, some of our favourite Trialmaster lines are about how long you last.
  • The single-round challenger returns.
  • How ever will you match that last incredible performance?
  • You only made it six rounds last time. Why do you bother?
  • No glory in only making it four rounds.
  • I sincerely hope you intend to last longer than two rounds.

The Trialmaster may return in the future, but the burn of his iconic one-liners will stay with us forever.
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Grinding Gear Games
you need get the voice actor for next exilecon
he's cute
He's almost as good as the Delirium voice.
Last edited by whood on Jul 12, 2021, 5:36:26 PM
Your luck is over fool!
"Honestly, it's about time. Congratulations, challenger. Sincerely."

That really got me in the one instance I heard it. I was having a horrific losing streak, so hearing this was genuinely very heartening to hear.

He's an utter git but he does seem to root for us sometimes.
i honestly wished for abit more lore, was sad to see that there was no extra dialog option after defeating him, still a glimps of new entitys that may join in later leagues
Best NPC, some of the best interactive lines I've heard.
I don't play many games but you guys really set the standard.

Just wishing I could find it in me to not get burnt out; It's not so much the game rather my own will power.

Either way thanks for a great experience. I'll miss this guy.
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone
Same voice actor for ExileCon 2022 just going around insulting everyone.

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