Our Favourite Trialmaster Lines

easily comprehensible manipulation and very stupid

This is how you get children or dumb people to do what they don´t like in real life, just tell them they are not good enough at something and give them just a little positive response when they do what you want.

I mean, if you are an asshole...

So this is the new "cool" ?

obey - consume - marry and reproduce - submit - watch t.v. - trust the internet - conform - do not question authority - sleep - buy - do not think - die

Force always attracts men of low morality. - Albert Einstein
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Doesn't really hold a candle to Tangmazu's broad and well-tuned commentary on every other forsaken master or grindy chap:

"You are captured, stupid beast!"
"Ohhh, the weary traveler has reached the end of his life"
"Still sane...exile?"

Shit we're already saying to ourselves, as we grind through yet another 90 days of abuse and petty make-work.

Trailmaster suffers from the same sad circle jerk myopia that simulacrum voice does. Everything has to tie into the trials or the waves, there's no outside snark, not even an easter egg like "Don't get c*cky, kid" thrown in there.

Trash talking, even trash talking that logs your last performance several maps ago, is still kinda low-effort. The exception might be the "Productive" line, which is a nod to players who have identified these trials as very-low EV and a severe time sink in maps.

@Hengist: i think this character is supposed to be parodying that kind of bad-parenting or mind games shtick. It's not a very good parody compared to the parody of gaslighting we've seen in previous seasons.
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i made him my b.tch all the league long .... he is realy happy to not see me again for a long time , poor little thing ...
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I loved the Trialmaster so much, and I hope we get Ultimatum back in some form eventually if only to hear him bully us more. He is tied with Delirium for my favourite League NPC voiceover.

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