Our Favourite Trialmaster Lines

It started off kinda rough enjoying his smack talk when my loss was due to the occasional client crash and not anything else, but as those became less frequent and I stopped chasing XP and just winding down the grind, I began to enjoy the character and his role more and more. The voice acting is always superb in this game.

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What a shame i missed those lines. This was a skip League for me :P
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MonolightHD wrote:

yeah made me not wanna play, i quit for bit because of it.
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Focus (need updated to current, using old mechanics)
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I might not have liked the league much, but ill give credit to the team for making a well designed NPC. He motived me to keep doing his trial just to prove him wrong and to annoy him.

If there is 1 thing i don't like is that the Lore around him is very vague.
I have no idea why he is even doing what he doing was his master just bored?
While I admit that it was some damn great voice acting, that was actually what made me skip this league. It's already bad enough when you're struggling on a build you tried to make work for quite a while, but finally managed to get to the sixth round before having to give up only to then hear THAT line.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , come on next league come on
Pretty much ignored him. The number of times he had anything for a witch I could count on one hand. Made doing it pretty pointless.
I love the Trailmaster & his quips.

He was incredibly frustrating & taunting when I was levelling my first char at the start of the league when being destroyed by Ultimatum's. However, it was all worth it when I first heard his defeated line: "I should have become a priest of Yaomac"
One of my favorite voice acting performances in recent memory, amazing job.


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