Our Favourite Trialmaster Lines

when your being bullied and your bully lookin kinda cute (_*_)',')
more than 100 maps in order to spawn a fight with him, pointless, wish that next season achievements not depends on rng spawn boss fight
is that the boss i have never seen in the whole league ? Bad Joke.
master's voice in my head
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In case you guys haven't figured it out, everything in Poe that is "non-chaos" related is a dream, or a coping mechanism for the girl/Zana as she awaits rescue underwater.

Everything that is chaos-related is a tether to or invoking of the real world, to real Humans in the world the dreaming girl would be in, if she wasn't in her present captive dream-state, a sort of homage to The Wizard of Oz.

This means that the Trialmaster is both a lvl 2 newb, who barely defeated hillcock, err sorry Hillock, and a lvl 75 Ascendant who has gotten to yellow maps.

His chaos side sees Path of Exile, the trials, same as Izaro does, "you vs him", a la Magic:the Gathering or Mortal Combat, and his lines are all banter you'd expect from a ventrilo burn or a Discord meme
"I sincerely hope you intend to last longer than two rounds."

- that's what she said.
Thank you taskmaster for helping me grow as a person. Thank you for your continued support.
Second-class poe gamer
TRialmaster spawn rate is horrible. had only 6 whole league. Gonna end at 39/40 cause conditionals are hard on minions.
Seriously, NEVER again add that bollshit rng access conditional challenges. Its like Twins from heist, except you could buy maps to do that till you manage. Trialmaster you have to run 50-100 maps and pray he spawn, fun af.
The single-round challenger returns.

I like this one
"Is there such a thing as an absolute, timeless enemy? There is no such thing, and never has been. And the reason
is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms."
I think, I will actually miss him. Your character design really is superb. :)

BTW: I really like the idea of giving the Sassmaster a room in the Incursion temple...
I loved harvest league.
I liked the reintroduced harvest mechanic in rituals.
I hate the harvest nerfs with a passion.

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