Our Favourite Trialmaster Lines

teodar1987 wrote:
"this is a buff"
"its all nerfs"
"we are not happy with harvest's level of power"
"performance patch"
we removed 50% damage from all ascendancies so that "the nodes could better keep their identity"

Isn't this a thread about Trialmaster quotes ?
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you forgot the best one:

I will not summon the trainmaster this time neither!
noice to see the winning lines.

felt like a flicker striker in delve with my underequipped carrion golemancer. eventually i skipped most of the chicken trials in maps as i didn't get a single item that i couldn't have bought for 3c in the few tries after levelling up.

absolutely hilarious were the few challenges where you bring in vaal orbs to lose them. did it for the funsies but in the 4 chicken runs i died i didn't see what killed me and in the 2 i survived i didn't know why mobs didn't attack me.

i know there is a point of investment into your build where everything on the screen falls dead and the game becomes boring but i didn't get there in the few hours i played.

better next league.
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Despite the fact I disliked the mechanics of Ultimatum, the Trialmaster's one liners were always the highlight of this content.

Hopefully you guys come back better with Ult 2.0.
dont put that shame in core
Os Malaguetas wrote:
Os Malaguetas wrote:
AWESOME IDEIA giving the Trialmaster a room in the Incursion Temple!!!!!!

Simple TrialMaster challenge, like in the maps.

TrialMaster Challenge, like in the maps, plus chests with inscribed ultimatums.

TrialMaster Challenge, like in the maps, with a decent chance to fight TM himself, plus chest with inscribed ultimatums.

"All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."
My favorite lines are: ''Ah, the one-round challenger approaches.''-'' Your pride needs restoration challenger.''-'' Try to go more than one round will you?''-'' You won once, don't get ahold of yourself''.

Every time I hear these lines, He forces me to do the trials again.
I hate this league and running in circles around the pole.
I hope we don't run into squares or triangles in the next league.
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