3.15 Livestream Announcements

Seems like another Nerf league i won't play...

When will this game become more friendly to "normal" humans ?
GMGkaiser wrote:
Heist and harvest had a kid?

Nailed it, that's precisely what it looks like.

Hope they take the best of both, however 'best' will surely be contentious.

And don't get downed about the 'Nerf" stuff, for every 20% nerf there's a 200% power creep counter.
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Trolls not welcome, but they'll read the title only and post a reply nonetheless.
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Coc nerfed to the ground? Ty ty ty ty ty?
SSDD, more gifts to the wallstreet class, an even harder time and more opportunities to fail for everyone else.
They are purging the bottom half of the community as measured by profitable to them. Good business sense, perfectly legal. They don't need or want new players. They want new spending.

Spent 3.15's support money on Last Epoch instead.
Recently its Path of nerf. Low drop rate, nerfed skills. Good luck
This actually sounds really damn good! Looking forward to playing 3.15

Im glad that the Chris Wilson (from Grinding Gear Games) said the changes are to better allign the game with its intended vision. I've been waiting for something like this to happen.

When GGG say there's going to be a lot of nerfs, you know its gonna be bad. Normally when they say there's lots of buffs, it's mainly nerfs...
I hope that nerfing the player power also affects the absurd prices of items that the trade tends to go to.. really bloody fast.. if not you'll end up with a lot of really annoyed players..
mostly harmless
Good job, gave me a reason to NOT PLAY...
How about instead of nerfing builds people enjoy playing POE just makes more content and tougher areas and bosses. Now I have to play nerfed builds while playing simon says with Maven; with a build that gets one-shotted by everything. Even though I'm a tank build and hit like a noodle. No? Can't have favorite classes? screw this game.

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