3.15 Livestream Announcements

More balance over fking streamers and 24/7 nolifers. Thx.
Wow, the announcement was getting better with each minute. I am so excited. Even the supporter pack is good, and I need tabs...

#TeamNerfs ❤︎
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Forum moderation is pathetic.
The aesir supporter pack has a shield on the portal, but the pack doesn't have a shield skin, what shield are you supposed to use ?
I've been playing since 2013, it's just great what you keep getting up and running, especially for me as an old poe rabbit, new skills are the most important ... 19 new ones! that look really cool .... I'll have a lot to tinker about .... the flask rework is really nice too ....

there is no better developer ... ever!

thank you very much GGG

Honestly, I thought i'm getting better with each league, but the now Mr. Wilson just told me it was the game getting more easy with more and more damage each league :o
Games not easy. It's a F'N grind. Games not fun and its torture to play. You have to spend 10hrs every day to clear most end game or league content.

I play on PC and console. And console is 10xs worse because on PC bots farm everything for you in league.

Sirus is the dumbest fight in any game I Played in 30 years of games. On console its 10xs worse then PC.

When my kids are naught I will make them play PoE as a punishment. Only streamers play a ton because you have to be paid to play a game worse then goign to work for most.
OK GGG i got you, see u in 3 months later.
GGG I need priority queue and no NERFS please. Also pls server for poor people in South Africa.

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