Path of Exile: Expedition Challenge Rewards

That portal is sick.

It would be cool to have something extra for 40 challenges. Something small for the team to develop, like a portrait frame. Tough to implement now since challenge leagues are pretty deep and the 40 totem serves that style purpose, but maybe in POE2. I find I only go to 36 of the reward is cool, but I'd go to 40/40 every time if it had something more visible than the totem.

Can't really complain about free MTX... even though people do. Great work.
Man you guys really get excited for the same thing every league...

You win Tencent. After 11000 hours and 6 years I'm uninstallin' yo' game.

Stagnant doesnt even begin to describe it.
eSports are toxic. Streamers are toxic. PoE is a joke now. Gaming in general is a joke now.
bartekowca666 wrote:
MaximGorkij wrote:
Portal is nice but 36 achievements I cannot do, as I have life and play 1-2 hours a day max.

Footprints are always meh and the weapon effect the same meh.

So nerfs, no real rewards, not an interesting league, most likely no reason to play.


You play standard don't laugh at people. Your challenges are a participation trophy at best.
eSports are toxic. Streamers are toxic. PoE is a joke now. Gaming in general is a joke now.
shame no hideout to keep the motivation up for 36
Ditt j*vla flöte Danne!!
Kalebraa wrote:
The footprint stuff needs to stop, we can barely see it with all the clutter when mapping, need something interesting instead for a 12 challenge reward instead

exactly haha good luck seeing that shit in a delirius map
Ditt j*vla flöte Danne!!
new league specific hideout when ?
The portal is cool, maybe the magic 36 this time :)
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Navezz wrote:
Hitma47 wrote:
why we cant' get anymore an armour set? like u did with rigwald for example? also a weapon skin could be better than these craps

always these stupid stuff

Dude, instead of whining about FREE MTX, just buy a supporter pack and you get all of those.
go peel the peanuts .. the mtx from challange should entice you to finish the league, but if they always s*k, what's the point?
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