Path of Exile: Expedition Challenge Rewards

SerChivalry wrote:
bartekowca666 wrote:
MaximGorkij wrote:
Portal is nice but 36 achievements I cannot do, as I have life and play 1-2 hours a day max.

Footprints are always meh and the weapon effect the same meh.

So nerfs, no real rewards, not an interesting league, most likely no reason to play.


You play standard don't laugh at people. Your challenges are a participation trophy at best.

I do what, excuse me? All characters got migrated to from ultimatum to standard already lol
FightFW wrote:
Nice, thanks! Would love to see 12 - Weapon, 24 - Wings and 36 - Portal though!

Not possible. Wings and portal are equal value.
Mtx ? I'm here for the totem...
at least there are no pets to add to the on-screen cluster f**k!
footprints and weapon effect looks okay and can fit any set but i thought weapon effect used to be a 12 challenge reward? might be be wrong tho.
Another portal. Just completely deflates my enthusiasm for the league. Any league in which I need to push for 36 ends up being the best. I already have 50 god damned portals and 10+ of them have got to be from League rewards now. Please GGG, for gods sake, stop it!
I really like the portal!

That said, I wouldn’t mind a break from the ‘footprints, weapon effect, portal’ formula. I do agree with others that footprints tend to be difficult to see - and in addition to that, I also feel they’re relatively hard to differentiate from each other. This leads to not being all that excited for one, and particularly disinterested in subsequent such MTX. I missed the league you included a hideout in the rewards for, which feels like a cool inclusion. While it may be optimistic, a full armour set for 36 would be amazing. I do really appreciate the exclusive free MTX for completing challenges btw. 👍

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