Videos of Aesir Supporter Packs

Alongside the Expedition expansion reveal last week, we released our new Aesir and Soulkeeper Supporter Packs. Some players were concerned that the videos we showed of the Aesir pack did not accurately represent what they received in-game, so we have prepared this post to explain what happened.

Game assets like armour sets and wings look different depending on what lighting environment they are in. We filmed the videos for the Aesir packs in a dark, moody environment, causing the microtransactions to look dark and moody. If you wear the microtransactions in brighter areas, then they look quite different. We should have shown a variety of environments so that it was clear that the microtransactions would look bright in a bright area and dark in a dark area.

We are updating the videos that are embedded in the pack purchase page to be a more neutral environment, and have updated the longer videos which will be deployed in the end-of-league patch tomorrow.

If you bought the Aesir Warrior or Aesir Demigod pack while the old videos were up and you're unhappy with how it looks in game, then a refund or exchange can be arranged. Please contact to arrange this.

For future videos, we'll try hard to show a variety of in-game lighting environments, or at least to use a neutral one if we can only show one. We want to make sure that you know what you're buying.
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Honest and gentle move. Keep the good work up guys! Thank you very much!
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Thanks GGG!
Couldn't ask for anything more. good job :)
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Or let us preview in game please!
Thank You.
Thank you. :)

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