Videos of Aesir Supporter Packs

For future videos, we'll try hard to show a variety of in-game lighting environments, or at least to use a neutral one if we can only show one. We want to make sure that you know what you're buying.

Hey, in the Blight League, Chris gave an answer which is exactly the same quote I'm responding to. The same situation occurred in the support pack and the same promise was made.

Once we believe it was a mistake... To repeat, it is to be thought that it is done purely with the intention of inducing a mistaken purchase to the player. The skin color hue in the character model changes, it's not something simple like "the light".
Why not change the MTX so they look like the thing that made people actually want to buy them?
Waw ... This the attitude i expect and want. Amazing. This made me very happy and makes regaining trust . Gr8 move. Keep it up
I'm pleasantly surprised; a fair move on GGG's part.
"We tell people that Path of Exile league starts are a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to actually make sure that is the reality."

Perhaps Tencent should consider a leadership change.
That's great and everything, but this really undersells just how disingenuous it is to display the packs with PoE 2 models (which have still been inexplicably withheld from the game for years, damaging its image as you still exhibit MTX with models that are 15+ years old now). These videos, again, do not look anything like their in-game appearances, regardless of PC specs, and it's not just the wing color. It's time for PoE to get an actual video upgrade in the form of models. Yes, the ones Chris demoed in China in 2018, when PoE 4.0 aka PoE 2 now was a year off.

This after saying the likes of previous pack static images resembling character effects would never happen again, by Chris himself.
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.
Good job
I'm glad you're doing refunds because I read you were being VERY picky with them.
Thanks for offering the refunds.
ign crixus_sabr
Classy, well done.

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