Videos of Aesir Supporter Packs

OK, this is fair for all exiles.

I like mine though, so do not want a refund.

Now back to cosplaying as Brian Blessed.
Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
Nice way to deal with this situation. :)
Honestly, I enjoy it more if it is really the black wing with black on top and white on bot like the first vid.
good support, iam proud of GGG
Can we get that darker toned version instead? ;)
the pack was cool with black wing. i was about to buy it but really disappointed when i found out it's white actually. wai u do diz?
Thankyou for addressing this matter.

i don't like the armor set but the wings are awesome
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We should have shown a variety of environments so that it was clear that the microtransactions would look bright in a bright area and dark in a dark area.

Woah woah woah... This justification is incredibly disingenuous.

Allow me to bluntly fix that for you:

We should have put in place some sort of "try-before-you-buy" feature years ago, but we make more money by not allowing you to see how shitty you will look before buying.

Don't insult people's intelligence.
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Exchanges at least should be standard options. Perhaps some limit per year, but come on. And duplicates I can't even give away are still a thing. Community should Really stop thanking them for bare minimums.

Walmart's return/exchange policy is 10000x more generous, and they are freaking walmart. And that's for physical items that often can't be resold. Come. On.
They are purging the bottom half of the community as measured by profitable to them. Good business sense, perfectly legal. They don't need or want new players. They want new spending.

Spent 3.15's support money on Last Epoch instead.

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